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    The Power of Authors and Content for Link Building

    by Matthew Barby of MOZ

    Guest posting is a method of link building that seems to have been done to death over the past year. I've seen endless articles that discuss the latest advanced search operator that will help you find new guest posting opportunities.
    For me, this approach to link building seems a little too linear, and the processes involved are very convoluted.
    When you think about it, there are thousands of SEO companies, webmasters, and bloggers that are all running the same kinds of queries within Google. This means that the competition you're facing to actually gain a guest post opportunity (never mind finding one) is insanely high.
    The typical approach to guest posting is as follows:

    1. Use an advanced search query (footprint) to find a list of websites that take on guest bloggers.
    2. Scrape the results and organise them in a manageable format, for example, an Excel spreadsheet.
    3. Gather extra domain/webpage statistics on the list of websites to find how authoritative they are (i.e., Domain Authority, Page Authority, CitationFlow, TrustFlow, etc.).
    4. Filter through results to identify the high-quality targets based on a set of criteria.
    5. Gather contact information for the major targets.
    6. Build a content pitch for each of the targets and begin an outreach campaign.
    7. Follow up on responses and get content writers to write articles for the successful pitches.
    8. Send over the content to the link targets that have approved your guest post request.
    9. Earn a backlink from within the article's author bio.
    10. Repeat.

    Read more at Matthew's blog here

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    Content for Link Building - One and Done doesn't work!

    Thanks for outlining a typical approach to guest blogging Matt. Guest Blogging is a great way to build high quality backlinks for SEO as well as establish yourself or your brand as an Authority within your space.

    In order to get noticed by the blogger > would you recommend commenting and sharing content from his blog on your blog and social platforms?

    Also> once you've established a relationship with a blog/blogger > how frequently do you recommend you continue to blog with that specific individual/site - daily, weekly, monthly?

    "One and Done" doesn't appear to work for me.

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