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    Groupon's Email Subject Lines

    A couple weeks ago I noticed that Groupon started experimenting with very short email subject lines. I find that they actually stick out more because most of the emails I receive have long subject lines. I also see some interesting variables beings used as well. Some examples of subject lines I really liked are:

    Italian Food

    Spa Package

    Petting Farm

    Kosher Cuisine - One Mile Away from Home:
    "One mile away" really caught my attention.

    I definitely think I will test out some shorter subject lines with my email campaigns this season. What are your thoughts on the "subject"?
    Shari McConahay

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    Groupons Email Subject Lines

    Here are some tips.

    - Use catchy lines.
    - Personalize your subject lines so that the subscriber feels comfortable.
    - The subject line should summarize the actual content of the email and not falsify the message.
    - Subject lines are punch lines so make them count.

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