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    What's New With You? Please add news about you and your company (no blatant self promotion please).

    I have volunteered to help raise money for a great charity called Rescue Rehab Home which is devoted to the care of injured, neglected or discarded dogs. With the assistance of my class at University of San Francisco's Internet Marketing course we are doing search engine optimization for the site, we launched a new Twitter account, we are setting up Search Engine Marketing and a bunch of Social Media sites!

    If you are looking for Internet Marketing experience, helping a charity is a great way to put valuable and practical work experience on your resume!

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    I set up a business to do marketing analysis of the Bulgarian market. If any one would like to enter and expand his business to Bulgarian market, please do not hesitate to contact me for deep and comprehensive analysis.

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    I have been doing a lot of research on companies like Sunchips and Penmate, who have been launching biodegradable products and stepping up to do their part in social responsibility. I just finished translating a website to Spanish for a new client as well. Attended Penmate Twitter Party for their biodegradable pen launch.

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    Our company has been working feverishly to create a new Facebook App that allows people to build a website on a Facebook Tab via a WYSIWYG editor. Finally!!! It's done!!! With the spring kick'n in full gear I'll be doing a lot of Army National Guard Duty on the Weekends. I'm training soldiers for a potential Afghanistan deployment in the next 18 months. This type of professional development, military, builds your professional civilian discipline to the highest levels. I thank Uncle Sam for giving that to me. I recommend part-time military service. It has helped me in every facet of my life. Have a great and successful spring!!! @CPollittIU

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    I have a brand new grand daughter. Her name is Brooke and she's cutest little thing you have ever seen. James.

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    Congratulations!! :) James Martell said:
    I have a brand new grand daughter. Her name is Brooke and she's cutest little thing you have ever seen.


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