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    Podcast vs. Internet Radio

    I recently started organizing content for my podcast. (I have absolutely no experience. Just flapping in the wind on a wing, a prayer, and "how to podcast" ebooks.) What's crazy, is that when I brought up the idea to my buddies -who just happens to be a big chunck of my web traffic :-) they keep giving me ideas that involve material with copyrights. I really didn't want to look for permission every time I wanted to upload a podcast. I did the research and found out about internet radio (Live365). For music I won't have to ask permission when I want to use it. Unfortunately, I'm a cheapskate. I hate paying money for something that I can't make complete sense of before I do it. Does anyone have any experience in dealing with internet radio or should I stay clear from it? I've learned of ways to monetize this "grand scheme." I just don't have any hard evidence that it works.

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    I use a service called Podsafe Music Network, now branded Music Alley There is a wealth of great music just for use in podcasts! I use 1 song to close every podcast that I do :) Also, I did a presentation called The Ten Golden Rules fo Launching and Promoting a New Podcast. You can find it at my podcast number 13 and the slides are there for download as well.


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