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    Blogging Software

    Is there a blogging software that any one can reccommend? I have 6 blogs for plumbing air conditioning that I am going to need to do and would like to know if there is any thing any one can reccommend to help with the load? I don't want to waste my time on any products that are not effective and do not help in the search engines. Thank you!

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    Do you mean to help create content?¬* For instance, if you write 1 article on a blog you can use an article spinner to reproduce that article on the other blogs to avoid any duplicate content penalties.


    Article writing can often be outsourced on a site like or¬*for as little as $2 - $3 each but you're not getting Pulitzer Prize quality.¬* They will, however not be duplicate content.


    I hope this helps.

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    Which article spinner do you recommend? How do I know that it would be optimized for my key words? Aren't blogs supposed to be key word rich?



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    I really don't have any recommendations for spinners that I like, sorry.¬* Most spinning software is simply identifying words and providing appropriate synonyms so it's automating a manual process which increases your time to do other important things.


    Regarding your 2nd question, you would still optimize the articles for your preferred keywords.¬* It's just a matter of making edits on the article after you have spun it so that the preferred keywords remains.




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    WordPress is the far-and-away best choice for SEO purposes. is easier, bu the best way to go is to set up a blog and point it to your own domain name.

    An example of a simple WordPress blog pointed to a domain name is


    Good luck!


    PS - I am not a fan of spinning, go for real content

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    So if I point it I have to pay for hosting of the blog? I have 6 web sites that I will be doing blogs for in my company. Two of them have word press blogs already on the site. Are you related to John Berkowitz in New York?

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