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    Facebook Likes More Valuable than Tweets

    You get more value from says a study from Eventbrite. Check out the full article:

    I'm not at all surprised are you? Let's share Facebook success stories!

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    It seems to me that Facebook may only be more powerful than Twitter because Twiiter just has more posts about the most mundane things ("At dry cleaners and added a penny to Give/Take Penny") whereas Facebook doesn't seem to be used in that fashion which might create more perceived value.

    What I like is that Facebook and Twitter are basically dominating Social Media and Google has been left out to only rank its pulse with search engine results.* Google's response is to now create their own Social Media Network called "Circles" but I think it might just be too late to the game.

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    I was at the conference yesterday and Peter Shankman discussed this in some part.

    He said the average user of Twitter was 39. So the younger generation is not using Twitter. They are using Facebook though. Twitter hasn't made money yet but Facebook has. At the end of the day, the internet properties that are producing revenue will be successful in Internet Gold Rush v2.

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    How will Twitter become profitable?

    How do you see Twitter finally breaking through to profitability?


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