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    Yahoo, Then and Now

    With the downsizing of this company popular in the early years of the internet and the popularization of personal computers, Mashable takes a look back at Yahoo. Where did Yahoo go wrong, according to Mashable? It lost its mission and its original message. As the resident search giant that is now foraying into many different fields, does Google run the risk of making the same mistakes as Yahoo? Does Yahoo stand a chance to regain ground in internet innovation, or is this a company that will go the way of the dinosaur?

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    Great read! I remember when Yahoo was the only real search engine, coming off the heals of AOL's online dominance. But Yahoo has managed to stay afloat even in recent years; their news department ranks really well with Google, so maybe they just need to focus on that aspect of business and eventually fade out of search engines. not sure what can be said about Google at this point - they are huge! They're even working on a driverless car!

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    New Notification Option

    Yahoo Mail recently added new mail desktop notification system, That's awesome.
    I don't check mail inbox regularly BUT when a new mail arrive the notification system show that shortly bottom of the desktop.
    Simply Amazing!!

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    Yahoo has without a doubt changed so much over the years! It has so many things to offer now and there are so many new elements to it.

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    Interesting article

    This is quite an interesting although a little bit older article. In 2015 it can be argued that Yahoo has lost even more space as compared to 2011 when this article was published. Decline of Yahoo and rise of Google shows that organizations are not immune to bad management. Google survived by innovating and developing other successful products such as Android. Yahoo simply couldn't keep up with changing times and declined eventually.

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    I love yahoo , my childhood attached to Yahoo but now yahoo is die. I am very sad.

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    Yahoo Then and Now

    Very interesting

    This is actually exciting news and should push us to pay more attention to Yahoo.

    We should start a Yahoo thread and make notes of our findings. I'm sure many of us will see much more traffic from yahoo.

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