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    The Problem with Google

    Google is everywhere - it owns YouTube, Google+ and has dozens of associated features and products out there (Google Analytices, Adwords, etc). The question is, is it too much? Is Google laying the foundation to rule the world, or weakening by overextending itself? Check out this blog post and then let's talk about it in the discussion below.

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    Great article find, Leah. I think the biggest question is, "What does Google want to be?" And the answer seems to be, "Everything." We all know you can't be everything to everyone - you end up spreading too thin and not having an identity. Google's core strength is in search, and while I see how their larger vision involves dominating the web in general, they haven't been able to truly integrate their different applications and programs, as pointed out in the article. The example given about creating a video and a media kit and distributing it all from one platform definitely seems ideal. Maybe the problem is that Google hasn't developed any of these products from scratch, unlike Apple. Everything Apple creates integrates seamlessly with its other products because they were all made by the same company using the same platforms and with all their other products in mind.

    Now Google has introduced Google Play, which looks like its going to try to compete with iTunes. It will be interesting to see how this all "plays" out. If Google Play doesn't catch on, I think G+ will not be very far behind. The only thing Google has going for it now is that you're basically forced to create a G+ profile when you log into any other Google account.

    I'm curious as to your thoughts on Google...

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    In reading this blog post, I jumped over to another post on the same blog about Google - how they're easy to love and hate at the same time - and came across the What Do You Love project. It looks pretty cool! Check it out here:

    Here's the blog post:

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    Google Play

    I don't think that Google+ will ever work out. The numbers that Google pulls up for it are just not real, because the community of users who choose Google+ over Facebook in their daily lives, for social media purposes, is very small. Google has a lot of useful and interesting tools and services, but Google+ is not one of them, and I'm not sure Google Play will be either - I mean, there are so many other options for purchasing music out there (including purchasing a subscription to a listening service....or just stealing music for free) that I just don't see the point. Unless they can come up with a way to make Google Play incredibly and uniquely attractive, I don't see it doing any better than Google+.

    The 'What do you love?' project, on the other hand, is awesome. I think it's a fun little project, and something really appealing on a broad level.

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