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    Are You Planning to Protest SOPA Tomorrow?

    What are you planning to do to protest SOPA tomorrow? It is hard for me because I can't black out my sites since they are e-commerce based, but I am very anti-SOPA and plan on putting up blog posts tonight in protest of it on my business and personal blog. I am changing my icon on social media to a black Anti-SOPA logo. I think the protest movement is finally getting attention this week and *should* be all but dead. The White House threatened to VETO it:,b=facebook

    There are several articles in the Internet Marketing Club News section all about SOPA, what it is, why it's bad, and the protests and blackouts.
    Shari McConahay

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    I signed this petition on

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    Are You Planning to Protest SOPA Tomo

    The best one out there is called CoverAction Pro. Almost all ecovers out there are made from this program, which is worth 97.
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    Are You Planning to Protest SOPA Tomo

    There are just better games out there now. Its no surprise not many people voted for it.
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