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5 Ways to Measure Social Media

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[URL=""]ClickZ[/URL] featured an insightful article on 5 ways to measure social media. One of the biggest questions business owners and executives ask these days, is how to measure social media and calculate the return on investment. Here are 5 ways to measure social media's reach & effectiveness:

[COLOR=#000000][B]1. Awareness and exposure.[/B] While there are no perfect and direct ways to measure increases in brand awareness, there are some signals you can observe that can give you some ideas of your brand awareness:[/COLOR]
[LIST][*]Amount of website traffic/site visits/page views[*]Number of searches for brand keyword terms[*]Video and content views[*]Number of followers[*]Number of subscribers[/LIST][COLOR=#000000][B]2. Share of voice and sentiment.[/B] In social media, share of voice refers to the number of conversations about your brand versus your competitors. You will want to use a monitoring program that can assist you in keeping track of all mentions of your brand and your competitors' brands over a given time period. Make sure you track positive, negative, and/or neutral sentiment.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#000000][B]3. Influence.[/B] [/COLOR]
[COLOR=#000000]Here are some signals of influence:[/COLOR]
[LIST][*]Number of (and quality of) inbound links to your content[*]Twitter links that are retweeted or commented on[*]Facebook posts that are commented on and "liked"[*]Content that is shared/"liked" (and to what extent)[/LIST][COLOR=#000000][B]4. Engagement.[/B] Measuring engagement is important so you can see how much and how often users participate with your content. Some of the signs of engagement include:[/COLOR]
[LIST][*]New page "likes" (of a Facebook page and of your content)[*]Number of shares[*]Mentions (positive, negative, neutral)[*]Blog comments[*]Ratings[*]Retweets[*]Photo/video views[/LIST][COLOR=#000000][B]5. Popularity.[/B] Some say the quality of your following is more important than the quantity. That holds true to some extent, but if you're looking for advertisers or sponsors, you will have more luck having 12,000 followers on Twitter than 800. Some of the information you can use to measure social media popularity include:[/COLOR]
[LIST][*]Number of RSS/email subscribers[*]Number of followers on Twitter[*]Number of members of a LinkedIn group[*]Number of people who "like" your Facebook page[/LIST]
For the full article see: [URL=""]ClickZ[/URL]

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