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Earthquake Rocks Social Media

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The earthquake that shook the US East Coast earlier today really rocked in social media. There is even a Foursquare checkin for [URL=""]Earthquakepocalypse[/URL]!

Huffington Post has [URL=""]compiled some amazing social media statistics[/URL] that happened today:

2. From @Twitter: "Within a minute of today's[URL=""]#earthquake[/URL], there were more than 40,000 earthquake-related Tweets."

3. From @Foursquare: "Check-ins also travel faster than seismic waves ( Over 10,000 check-ins @ Earthquakepocalypse already. [URL][/URL]"

4. From @anoyes: "Following the East Coast quake at approx 1:55 p ET we saw term "earthquake” appear in Facebook status updates for nearly 3 mil U.S. users."

5. "Five minutes after the quake hit, Twitter's average response time doubled from 2.16 seconds to 4.17 seconds, according to monitoring site [URL=""]AlertSite[/URL]." -- [URL=""]CNN Money.
[URL=""]Mashable[/URL] is also reporting some fantastic statistics for social media sites.

When it comes down to it, we have to be grateful that the top story is the earthquake's impact on social media rather than desctruction of buildings, land and lives.

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