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Digital Media Resources [List]

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Here are a few key stand outs of the [URL=""]42 Digital Media Resources Your Might Have Missed[/URL] from Mashable.

[h=2]Editors’ Picks:[/h]
[LIST][*][B][URL=""]6 Creative iPad Uses for Small Retailers[/URL][/B]
Read on for some creative implementations of the iPad — we spoke to a nail salon, a cupcake shop, a restaurant and more to learn how they use iPads to improve the customer experience and help their business.[*][B][URL=""]HOW TO: Build Your Brand on Tumblr[/URL][/B]
As Tumblr’s reach continues to grow, more brands are adding the blogging platform to their online marketing mixes. Here’s a guide to help you start tumbling.[/LIST][h=2]Social Media:[/h]
[LIST][*][B][URL=""]Top 10 Twitter Trends This Week [CHART][/URL][/B]
Wondering which topics had Twitter abuzz this past week? Check out the full list of top trends.[*][B][URL=""]4 Ways Non-Profits Can Jump Into Google+[/URL][/B]
If you and your non-profit have steered clear of Google+ during its “people only” phase, now is a good time to reconsider. Here are four ways to get involved.[/LIST]
[LIST][h=2]Tech & Mobile[/h]
[LIST][*][B][URL=""]3 Mobile Apps Poised to Change the Consumer/Brand Relationship[/URL][/B]
Technology is rapidly changing the way we interact with the brands we love. These 3 mobile apps are pushing the boundaries even further.[*][B][URL=""]How Musicians Are Engaging Fans With Location Tech[/URL][/B]
We’re seeing mobile- and location-based technology making an entree into the music world to the delight of bands and fans alike.[/LIST][/LIST]
[LIST][h=2]Business & Marketing[/h][HR][/HR]
[LIST][*][B][URL=""]5 Web Tools to Enhance Your Online Sales Strategy[/URL][/B]
Using supplemental cloud applications has helped startups accelerate their sales in more efficient ways. Here are five tools to get you started.[*][B][URL=""]5 Handy Apps for Small Business Finance Management[/URL][/B]
Invoicing and expense reports are arguably the least fun part of business — here are five apps that will make it easier to stay on top of your business’ finances.[*][B][URL=""]4 Traits of Better Business Software[/URL][/B]
There’s a lot to consider when building enterprise software, but these 4 tenets should always be at the heart of your development process.[*][B][URL=""]4 Top Customer Service Tips For Small Business [/URL][/B]
Businesspeople have discovered how to use new online tools to their advantage when dealing with customers. Here are four tips.[/LIST][/LIST]For the entire list, see [URL=""]Mashable[/URL].

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