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Next Generation 911 Coming Soon

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Soon you will be able to send text, video & photos to 911. In an innovative display of technological improvement, NG911 (Next Generation 911) will soon be able to receive emergency reports via texting, photos and videos. There are many benefits to this upgrade as it will not only help those in need get the type of help they need faster, it will also help the emergency personnel be better prepared when they arrive on the scene.

[URL=""]According to the FCC[/URL] -The benefits of NG911 include:
[LIST][*] Increased public access: NG911 multi-media capabilities expand accessibility (e.g., to persons with disabilities) and give all consumers more calling options in emergencies. [*] Enhanced information for first responders: PSAPs receiving text, data, photos, and videos can assess emergencies more quickly and respond more effectively. [*] Increased reliability of NG911 networks: IP-based architecture provides more flexibility and resiliency than the legacy circuit-switched 911 system.[/LIST]

[URL=""]See Mashable for more on NG911.[/URL]

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