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Facebook Sponsored Results

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Facebook rolled out Sponsored Results in August as a new way for advertisers to advertise their application, face, or page to Facebook users. Although it is new, it has been in testing and is, of course, likely to change. The day the Sponsored Results were launched, [URL=""]TechCrunch[/URL] wrote:

"Facebook confirmed this article, announcing at 6pm PST via its [URL=""]developer blog [/URL]that "We are releasing Sponsored Results as a great way for you to drive more awareness of your Application, Page or Place", but later changed the post to remove the "releasing part" and just note "We are making an API available for developers to sponsor search results." ]Facebook has made some alterations to the Sponsored Results design since they first began testing them. They now appear in a separate, black-bordered section in the typeahead results. That’s makes the fact that they’re paid marketing much more clear than the tiny gray word “Sponsored” at the bottom of the ads that appeared previously.

Users also have the option to “hide the ad” by clicking a small ‘x’ in the corner, which pops up a question about whether someone hid it because it was “Uninteresting, Misleading, Offensive, Repetitive” or one of a few more options.
Advertisers meanwhile will soon be able to purchase Sponsored Results through the Power Editor, Facebook’s native Ads API tool, and Sponsored Results appear in the [URL=""]Ads API documentation[/URL] for building third-party buying tools."

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