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Twitter Updates API Policy

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Twitter updated their API policy today and developers and 3rd party platforms are not very happy with the latest changes. The new [URL=""]API changes for Twitter[/URL] are not very welcome among developers and apps, and many technology experts and marketers fear that these changes might make integration difficult. Here is what some of the industry media is saying:

“Developers probably aren’t going to be thrilled with all the new rules,” The New York Times’ [URL=""]Bits[/URL] blog writes. Yet, “From a business standpoint, Twitter’s decision to limit the use of the A.P.I. is an attempt to rationalize and control its business.”
“The new rules appear to be an attempt by the company to make sure it can finance its enormous, always flowing stream of data,” [URL=""][/URL] suggests. “That means Twitter is going to require client apps to meet its terms, and will limit how much data each can get via authentication.”
Regarding one new change -- which makes design recommendations a requirement -- [URL=""]WebProNews[/URL] writes: “The rule is obviously meant to make Twitter look consistent across all platforms and devices … but it does nothing to help developers. It puts undue stress on them.”

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[/URL][URL=""]Gizmodo[/URL] ponders, "And with the limited ability to only gain a finite number of new users, third-party developers are left to wonder if it's even worth developing Twitter apps at all or if it's best to just let Twitter do Twitter."

Mashable's article on the subject calls the API change a "[URL=""]cut off of oxygen[/URL]".

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