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After yesterday's SES Keynote address where Matt Cutts [URL=""]discussed[/URL] many aspects on Google and the newly named Knowledge Team, the main media discussion today seems mostly to be about the Penguin algorithm and whether or rather when the next Penguin update is coming. From the keynote address yesterday, it is surmized that while Panda updates are regular and monthly, Penguin is still new and not as smooth and regular, so we could see larger, more "jolting" updates of the Penguin algorithm. The good news is that if you are not trying to spam Google, your page ranking should be fine. Cutts made it clear that they are trying to reward good content and remove bad content. Here are some of the media highlights:

[URL=""]Google Penguin Update: You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet[/URL]

[URL=""]Google: Further Penguin Update “Jolts” To Come; Panda Is Smoother & Monthly[/URL]

[URL=""]Google's Cutts: The Next Penguin Update Will Be Big

[/URL]Even as SES has been going on all week, rumors and talk have surfaced that there was a [URL=""]possible ranking shuffle[/URL] for Google on August 16th. Have you seen any irregular ranking results since Wednesday?

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