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How To Use LinkedIn To Drive More Blog Traffic

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If you have a business blog and want to get more traffic, using LinkedIn is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your blog. More traffic is great, but LinkedIn focuses not just on traffic, but interested readers, comments, interactions and engagement.

[B]#1: Add Profile Links[/B]
Your LinkedIn profile is where members are going to land to learn more about who you are, what you do and whom you help.
From your profile, the most natural next step that members will take if they are intrigued or interested in what they see is to click through one of the links that you showcase on your profile under Websites.

[B]#2: Build Connections to Boost Your LinkedIn Profile Views[/B]
I recently invited someone in my industry to connect. We had a few connections in common and we run similar, perhaps even complementary, businesses. When she received my invitation, she responded with “I limit my LinkedIn connections to people I know personally.”

[B]#3: Get Active and Engaged to Drive LinkedIn Profile Views and Blog Traffic[/B]
It doesn’t take much activity to stand out on LinkedIn. All you need to do is spend a little time on the network.
Every action you take on the network will show up as an update on the homepage of your connections. If you’re active, some of your updates may even show in the “[URL=""]Network Update[/URL]” that LinkedIn sends to members via a weekly email.
Examples of LinkedIn activities that will get visibility:
[LIST][*]Update your profile[*]Post a status update[*]Participate in a group discussion[*]Comment on someone else’s status update[*]Post to your [URL=""]LinkedIn company page[/URL][*]Answer questions in LinkedIn Answers[/LIST]
[B]#4: Use LinkedIn on the Go[/B]
Mobile devices now account for 22% of LinkedIn traffic.
LinkedIn has developed robust [URL=""]mobile applications[/URL] to make networking on the go easy and fun. When you participate on LinkedIn through your mobile devices you can stay engaged and visible with your connections anytime and anywhere.

[B]#5: Post Blog Articles as Status Updates and Link to Relevant Articles[/B]
It goes without saying that to drive traffic to your blog from any social network, your blog posts need to be shared with your network.
[LIST][*]Manually post a link to a particular blog post in order to pull an image and control the messaging.[*]Don’t be afraid to repurpose your blog posts as status updates from time to time (see image below).[*]Post during high-traffic periods (lunchtime and afternoons).[*]Edit your comments to engage your connections.[/LIST][B]#6: Leverage LinkedIn Tools and Applications[/B]
LinkedIn provides a few tools to help you showcase your blog and encourage the sharing of your blog posts to the network.
Install the LinkedIn blog application.
Choose the appropriate [URL=""]blog application[/URL] to install to pull your blog posts into your LinkedIn profile. This will enhance your profile and showcase your latest insights from your blog.

[B]#7: Utilize the LinkedIn Share Button on Your Blog[/B]
I’m amazed at how many business-related blogs I see that do not incorporate the LinkedIn Share button as a part of their social sharing tools. Most of the social sharing plugins provide the [URL=""]LinkedIn Share button[/URL] as an option.
Using the LinkedIn Share button will not only help you get your posts shared on LinkedIn by blog visitors, but that in turn will drive views to your profile and new traffic to your blog!

For more details and examples, see [URL=""]Social Media Examiner[/URL].

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