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Google I/O Starts Today

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The annual Google Developers Conference starts tomorrow. This will be where Google tells the world about any new products they are launching and updates information on the existing products. Mashable outlined what may be learned.

It’s been almost exactly a year since Google launched its in-house social network, Google+. The timing of I/O might be a coincidence — it was in May last year — but it could also mean Google has some plans for Google+’s anniversary.

[B]Android Jelly Bean[/B]
Google’s next major Android update will be [URL=""]“Jelly Bean,”[/URL] which will be either version 4.1 or 5.0.
While we’re not expecting any major visual changes to Jelly Bean, we do expect that Google will continue to refine the experience on both the smartphone and the tablet. It’s [URL=""]taken a while[/URL], but we’re finally seeing Ice Cream Sandwich handsets ship — including the [URL=""]HTC One X[/URL] and the [URL=""]Samsung Galaxy S III[/URL]. With Ice Cream Sandwich penetration still [URL=""]below 10%[/URL], it will be interesting to see if handset makers decide to jump directly to Jelly Bean (assuming the hardware is compatible).

[B]Nexus Tablet[/B]
A Google tablet has been rumored to be in the works for a while. It makes a great deal of sense — even more in the wake of Microsoft’s [URL=""]Surface[/URL] announcement. With the Google tablet, it’ll mean almost all of the major platform providers — Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Google — will have a “reference” tablet product. The only exception will be Facebook, which so far doesn’t make hardware of any kind.

[B]Google Maps[/B]
Earlier this month, Google unveiled what it dubbed “[URL=""]the future of Google Maps[/URL]” at a special event in San Francisco. The latest features include [URL=""]offline mapping[/URL] for Android devices, [URL=""]updated Street View options[/URL] and 3D Google Earth maps.

[B]Cloud Platform and Google Drive[/B]
Because I/O is a developer conference, some of the most future-facing — and important — announcements and sessions might also be the most unsexy. Still, we think it’s worth paying attention to what Google announces and unveils about its Cloud Platform and Google Drive products.

[B]Google TV and Google Play[/B]
The biggest advantage that Apple, Amazon and Microsoft have over Google in the mobile and media space is access to commercial content. Google has tried to mitigate the situation with its rebranded Google Play store. Google Play offers users a one-stop shop for apps, movies, music and books. At least, in theory.

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