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Google Joins Against Spam Ads

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Google announced on their blog last week that they are joining in the fight against bad ads. Bad ads meaning malware or misleading ads that violate terms of services and best practices. [URL=""]StopBadware[/URL] [URL=""]announced[/URL] the formation of an industry partnership to combat bad ads calld the Ads Integrity Alliance. Google said they were pleased to be a founding member of the [URL=""]Ads Integrity Alliance[/URL], along with AOL, Facebook, Twitter and the IAB. From the [URL=""]Google Blog[/URL]:

The alliance led by StopBadware will help the industry fight back together against scammers and bad actors. In particular, it will:
[LIST][*]Develop and share definitions, industry policy recommendations and best practices[*]Serve as a platform for sharing information about bad actors[*]Share relevant trends with policymakers and law enforcement agencies[/LIST]For more, see [URL=""]SearchEngineWatch[/URL]'s coverage on the new alliance against bad ads.

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