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What's New in Social Media This Week?

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Each week we recap the latest in Social Media changes for the week. For more details on the changes we have highlighted, see [URL=""]Social Media Examiner[/URL].

[URL=""]Facebook Simplifies Mobile Payments[/URL]: Facebook has made it easier for developers to add payment options on mobile web apps. And marketers also now have the option of buying[URL=""]mobile-only Facebook ads[/URL].

[URL=""]Twitter Logo Takes Flight[/URL]: Twitter simplified its bluebird logo. Check out the updated guidelines and new image downloads on the [URL=""]Twitter brand resources page[/URL].

[URL=""]The All-New Foursquare App Is Here[/URL]: “This isn’t just a fresh coat of paint, it’s a whole new app.” Foursquare’s new app focuses on [URL=""]recommending places for you to go[/URL].

[URL=""]LinkedIn Advises Users to Change Passwords[/URL]: Following last week’s reports of stolen LinkedIn passwords, it’s recommended all [URL=""]LinkedIn users change their passwords[/URL].

[URL=""]LinkedIn Updates Privacy Policy[/URL]: LinkedIn’s latest update shortens the time LinkedIn keeps personally identifiable information obtained through plugins to 24 hours. And users now have enhanced controls over what information can be accessed outside LinkedIn by search engines and third parties.

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