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10 Ways to Boost Sales on Your Ecommerce Website

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Building the website is the usually the easy part, it is optimizing it and getting people to visit your website is another story and then getting those visitors to make a purchase is yet another book from a different shelf. [URL=""]Mashable[/URL] outlines 10 ways to increase sales on your e-commerce site.

[B]1. Keep Easy Navigation[/B]
In order to get customers to purchase your product, they must know how to get to it first.

[B]2. Get a Great Search Bar[/B]
Even if your site is easy to navigate, nearly every sucessful website has a search bar. It's a quick and convenient way for customers to find exactly what they need.

[B]3. Keep it Simple[/B]
Consumers are more likely to purchase your product if the checkout is streamlined and straightforward.

[B]4. Extra Features[/B]
Though the payment process should be straightforward, users shouldn't feel like their options are lacking.

[B]5. Looks Are Everything[/B]
You've likely spent a lot of time on your product -- why not show it off in the best quality possible?

[B]6. Give Details[/B]
Basic information like sizing, color and availability are necessary, but it helps the consumer to know things like how the product was made, how it will be shipped and what others are saying about it.

[B]7. Shipping[/B]
Make sure your shipping costs are apparent before the customer's final checkout. The earlier they know about additional charges, the less likely they are to abandon their cart.

[B]8. Be Honest[/B]
No one likes to feel tricked after they've made a purchase, especially one that they're not happy with.

[B]9. Be Human[/B]
Customers may like the anonymity of online shopping because it provides privacy and trust. But a personalized experience will likely bring good reviews and recurring shoppers.

[B]10. Be Browser-Friendly[/B]
Sites that run smoothly on multiple browsers will drive more sales. Online shoppers are not going to wait around for a slow site to load or purchase something they can't see because the image is broken.

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