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Google Buys Meebo and QuickOffice

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Google is making changes and acquiring start ups to help its features get stronger and better. The acquisition of Meebo will no doubt help the social aspects of Google +, especially with Meebo's tool bar according to a [URL=""]ZDNet[/URL] report. From Mediapost, Meebo also recently introduced a service for consumers, which “seemed to position the company in the field of social discovery,” [URL=""]Business Insider[/URL] writes. “So Google might be buying Meebo to bolster its online-advertising business. Or it might be keen on Meebo's social-discovery tools to bolster Google+. Or both.”

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[/URL]Google is hoping that their QuickOffice addition will "help you get more done", according to their [URL=""]blog post[/URL] regarding the purchase. [URL=""]ABC News[/URL] reporting that "Quickoffice's apps, which are available for the iPad, Android tablets, and other devices, provide word processing and spreadsheet tools." So there is no doubt that this purchase will enhance Google Docs and the newer Google Drive product from Google.

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