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What's New in Social Media This Week?

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If there is one thing you can be sure about, that is social sites and applications will change every week. The Internet Marketing News brings you what's new in social media this week, as featured in[URL=""] Social Media Examiner[/URL].

Besides the [URL=""]admin roles and post scheduling changes[/URL] that we already reported on this week, there were some other changes at Facebook that were worth noting:

[URL=""]Facebook Rolls Out Promoted Posts for Facebook Pages[/URL]: “Promoted posts are a simple way to reach more of the people who like your Page and their friends.”[URL=""]Promoted Posts give your updates more exposure on Facebook[/URL].

[URL=""] Gets New Look[/URL]: The new design features “make it easier and faster to find and share interesting stuff.” [URL=""]Things have moved around a bit[/URL], so if you’re looking for something specific, check their [URL=""]Knowledge Base[/URL] for directions.

[URL=""]Pinterest Rival Fancy Brings Social Commerce to iPhone[/URL]: The Fancy iPhone app allows people to browse the cool products shared on [URL=""]Fancy[/URL] and also purchase items directly through their mobile devices.

[URL=""]Enhancer Adds Music to Vimeo Videos[/URL]: Vimeo’s new Enhancer tool makes it easy for users to find and add music to their videos. The music catalog “has tracks in tons of genres, with lots for free.”

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