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News on the Facebook IPO

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The Facebook IPO has been dominating the news outlets since Friday when the initial private offer trading began. The Internet Marketing News is bringing you highlights of what is being talked about so far.

[URL=""]Facebook Has Gone Public in More Ways Than One[/URL]: When Facebook filed for the IPO, information previously held confidential was made public such as Mark Zuckerberg's salary and details on the Instagram purchase.

[URL=""]Facebook is Worth More Than McDonalds and 4 Other Giant Brand[/URL]s: After the first day of trading closed, Facebook was worth almost as much as Pepsi Co.

[URL=""]Facebook's Moment: Ready or Not the Time is Now[/URL]: Something seemingly lost in the analysis is that Facebook is here, not entirely because it wants to be, but because it has to be.

[URL=""]Facebook's Stock Price Tumbles[/URL]: This was written on Tuesday morning and I am sure there have been and will continue to be multiple fluctuations in price and value. "The ominous downward trend in Facebook’s stock price visible on Friday continued on Monday with a substantial decline below its IPO price of $38. At the time of writing, Facebook shares were trading at $33.65, down 11.5% from the IPO price and 25% from its Friday high of $45. That works out to about $12 billion in lost market capitalization from the IPO price, and $30 billion from the Friday high."

[URL=""]Morgan Stanley Delivered Bearish Forecast on Facebook Before IPO[/URL]: "The Morgan Stanley consumer Internet analyst, Scott Devitt, revised his forecasts as Facebook was in the midst of its roadshow, according to [URL=""]Reuters[/URL].Devitt lowered his projections for Facebook’s revenues in both the second quarter and full-year 2012, according to Reuters, which did not provide further details."

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