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Google Adsense Update

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Google Adsense has announced some new changes and tips to help advertisers in their latest newsletter.

[COLOR=#ff9900][B]More control over the ads on your site[/B][/COLOR]

[COLOR=#666666]The [URL=""]Ad review center[/URL] is now more powerful and allows you to review all ad types after they’ve run on your pages, whether they’re contextually-targeted, placement-targeted, or interest-based. Make decisions on individual ads and block multiple ads at once to help you save time.

[/COLOR][COLOR=#ff9900][B]Connect with AdSense on Google+[/B][/COLOR]

[COLOR=#666666]Follow us on our new [URL=""]AdSense Google+ page[/URL], where you’ll find AdSense updates and gain access to exclusive Hangouts with the AdSense team. These live video chat sessions will give you the opportunity to share your product feedback with our Product Managers and ask your questions to our optimization specialists.

[/COLOR][COLOR=#ff9900][B]AdSense crawler error redesign[/B][/COLOR]

[COLOR=#666666]The [URL=""]redesigned AdSense crawler errors page[/URL] provides you with accurate and actionable information to optimize your site even more effectively. Some publishers have seen a revenue increase of up to 400% after they fixed their crawler errors. To see the new crawler errors page in your account, visit your ‘Home’ tab, then click on ‘Account settings’ and navigate to the ‘Crawler errors’ section.

[/COLOR][COLOR=#ff9900][B]AdSense Management API for developers[/B][/COLOR]

[COLOR=#666666]If you’re writing your own software and would like to retrieve your AdSense reporting data directly, the [URL=""]AdSense Management API[/URL] is what you've been looking for! The API is available to all AdSense publishers, and lets you retrieve lists of ad clients, ad units, channels, as well as generate custom reports directly from your applications.

For more information, browse the [URL=""]API forum[/URL], or join the regular[URL=""]office hours[/URL].[/COLOR]

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