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Google Penguin Update Winners & Losers

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Last week, Google launched an algorithm update now known as the Penguin update. This update was announced ahead of time on the Google Blog, and covered by the [URL=""]Internet Marketing Club News[/URL] before hand. Google's idea behind the update is to reward high quality sites and penalize sites that were "overly SEOd" with more than just white hat optimization techniques. As a result, there are quite a bit of complaints and upset webmasters out there on the forums and message boards. Many believed they were doing the right thing to let Google know what their site was about and many are unfortunate victims of agencies that did wrong by them, even if in the past, legacy links and webspam have come back to haunt many. See the SEORoundTable's [URL=""]Sad Side to the Penguin Update[/URL]. Although recovery may be a long way off for many business owners and webmasters,[URL=""] Barry Schwartz[/URL] of the SEORoundtable took the time to scour through forums and chats to gather up some possible recovery techniques for the Penguin update. Ways to undue the overdone SEO tactics and get back into Google's good graces.

[B]Google Penguin Recovery Tips:[/B]
[LIST][*]De-optimize the web site[*]Increase quality links to pages[*]Make sure link anchor text is more natural[*]Remove links from blogrolls[*]Scale back the internal link anchor text[*]Exact match domains hurt[*]Practice negative SEO[*]Move content to a new domain[*]Build a smaller site with very few pages[*]Write better content[*]Add more social elements, i.e. Google+ Sharing[*]Site audit to determine problem areas[*]Think more long term with my site, stop taking short cuts[/LIST][I]Disclaimer: The "tips" above are a collection of ideas from SEOs at WebmasterWorld. This is a summarization of the thread and in no way should be conveyed as actual strategies that are proven to work. Like I said above and below, since no one has recovered from the Penguin update yet, these tips are not proven.

Were you affected by the Penguin update? What are you doing to recover?

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