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Google Semantic Search & SEO

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Google has plans to expand its semantic search features, between the semantic search, social search & Search Plus Your World, the SEO landscape is changing for marketers and advertisers. CilckZ's article give us some great definitions and explanations of what semantic search is and how that in addition to social search is changing Google search results.

From ClickZ:

"[COLOR=#000000]While this sounds like a new direction, Google and other search engines have been trying to provide search results based on intent for some time with location-based search, universal search, and other methods.[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000][B]What Is Semantic Search?[/B][/COLOR]
[COLOR=#000000]Semantic search is the process of understanding the meaning of keywords people use and matching it to their intent.

[B]Semantic Search and SEO[/B]
So you may ask yourself what this means to the future of SEO. One thing to consider is that you will not only be competing with others for ranking in the SERPs but also Google since it will pull its results from its own source and not from other websites."

For more on this, see the [URL=""]full article[/URL].

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