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SEO Tools of the Trade

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Marketers often rely on tools to help with search engine optimization, and we have a list of more than 40 tools to help monitor SEO efforts. The list was compiled for a session at SES NY 2012.

Here is a short list of most (certainly not all) of those tools covered:
[LIST][*]On-Page SEO Tools: [URL=""]Screaming Frog[/URL] for onpage links, [URL=""]Scraper for Chrome[/URL], [URL=""]HTTPfox[/URL](header response codes, 301s etc), [URL=""]Page Speed Plugin[/URL][*]Keyword Research: [URL=""]Keyword Eye[/URL], [URL=""]Soovle[/URL], [URL=""]Ubersuggest[/URL], [URL=""]Scrapebox[/URL], [URL=""]SEOGadget Adwords API Excel Plugin[/URL][*]Content Generation: Michaelís own [URL=""]GoFish[/URL] (pulling Twitter updates via keyword search),[URL=""]SEOGadgetís Google Docs Tool[/URL], [URL=""]SEOTools by Niels Bosma[/URL], [URL=""]ImportXML[/URL][*]Social Media Profile Link Information: [URL=""]Link Research Tools[/URL], [URL=""]Link Detective[/URL][*]Competitive Analysis: [URL=""]Searchmetrics Essentials[/URL] (Keywords, Domain Data, etc)[*]Persona Development: [URL=""]Facebook Ad Creator[/URL], [URL=""]Facebook Insights[/URL], [URL=""]Doubleclick Ad Planner[/URL][*]Infographic Data and Conceptualization: [URL=""]World Government Data[/URL], [URL=""]Google Public Data[/URL]and [URL=""][/URL], [URL=""]Dipity[/URL], [URL=""]Storybird[/URL] for building graphics[*]Open Link Data Sources: [URL=""]Ahrefs[/URL], [URL=""]Blekko[/URL] (use the /seo slashtag), and [URL=""]Link Diagnosis[/URL][*]For Rank Monitoring: [URL=""]STAT[/URL][*]Link Building Toolkits: [URL=""]Followerwonk[/URL], [URL=""]KnowEm[/URL], [URL=""]MentionMapp[/URL], [URL=""]Ontolo[/URL] (Link Prospecting),[URL=""]IFTTT[/URL], [URL=""]Rapportive[/URL], [URL=""]Boomerang[/URL], [URL=""]Buzzstream[/URL], [URL=""]Zemanta[/URL][*]Blog Management: [URL=""]ManageWP[/URL] (launch and clone blogs from one spot)[/LIST]For the rest of the list see [URL=" SEO Tools of the Trade&utm_campaign=03%2F30%2F12 - SEW Weekly&utm_source=Search Engine Watch Weekly&utm_medium=Email"]Search Engine Watch[/URL].

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