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Panda 3.4 Update Released by Google

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Google released a Panda update over the weekend and announced the update on Google's Twitter account on Friday. The Tweet said it was affecting 1.6% of search queries and also noted that it is a "refresh", which [URL=""]Search Engine Round Table[/URL] takes to mean is not an algorithm change per se, but just a refresh of the previous update.

Also from Search Engine Round Table is this Panda Update Timeline:

[B]Past Panda Updates:[/B]
[LIST][*]Panda 3.4 on March 23rd[*][URL=""]Panda 3.3[/URL] on about February 26th[*][URL=""]Panda 3.2[/URL] on about January 15th[*][URL=""]Panda 3.1[/URL] on November 18th[*][URL=""]Panda 2.5.3[/URL] on October 19/20th[*][URL=""]Panda 2.5.2[/URL] on October 13th[*][URL=""]Panda 2.5.1[/URL] on October 9th[*][URL=""]Panda 2.5[/URL] on September 28th[*][URL=""]Panda 2.4[/URL] in August[*][URL=""]Panda 2.3[/URL] on around July 22nd.[*][URL=""]Panda 2.2[/URL] on June 18th or so.[*][URL=""]Panda 2.1[/URL] on May 9th or so.[*][URL=""]Panda 2.0[/URL] on April 11th or so.[*][URL=""]Panda 1.0[/URL] on February 24th[/LIST][LEFT][COLOR=#050505]There is a lot of discussion around this announcement.[/COLOR][COLOR=#050505]Forum discussion at [URL=""]WebmasterWorld[/URL] and [URL="!category-topic/webmasters/eYkTTQAsWW4"]Google Webmaster Help[/URL].[/COLOR][/LEFT]

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