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Shari McConahay

Five Bits of Google+ Tips

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Google+ news is everywhere lately and here is a quick update to wade through some of the latest info, tips & tricks for using G+.

1. get your branded G+ nickname:

Mine is

2. How to measure Google+ with Google Analytics:

3. Two article on why (and how) Google+ can be business friendly: From Jay Baer's Convince & Convert and from Gigaom:

4. Google+ makes keeping track of people and who you share things with a whole lot easier than Facebook and Twitter do. So the BIG question now floating around in the G+ sphere is: To Follow or Not to Follow? I guess that has been a question for a while now, but is being revisited, re-blogged, debated and hashed over. Chris Brogan breaks it down:

5. Google+ Cheat Sheet
List of hot keys and keyboard short cuts for Google+

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