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Google's New Privacy Policy

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Most Google users know about the new privacy policy that took effect today across all of Google's products. There has been much talk and controversy about it, as there always is with privacy concerns. Removing your [URL=""]search history[/URL] or [URL=""]adjusting your privacy settings[/URL] is quite simple to do if you feel the need for it. Google addresses the concerns on their [URL=""]blog[/URL]: "Our privacy controls arenít changing.

The new policy doesnít change any existing privacy settings or how any personal information is shared outside of Google. We arenít collecting any new or additional information about users. We wonít be selling your personal data. And we will continue to employ industry-leading security to keep your information safe.

If you donít think information sharing will improve your experience, you can use our privacy tools to do things like edit or turn off your search history and YouTube history, control the way Google tailors ads to your interests and browse the web ďincognitoĒ using Chrome. You can use services like Search, Maps and YouTube if you are not signed in. You can even separate your information into different accounts, since we donít combine personal information across them. And weíre committed to data liberation, so if you want to take your information elsewhere you can."

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