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SOPA Protest is Heating Up & Blacking Out

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The SOPA Protest movement is really getting traction in the media AND the attention of law makers. The Internet Marketing Club news wrote last week about Internet [URL=""]sites planning to black out[/URL] tomorrow, Wednesday, January 18th in protest of SOPA and how the [URL=""]SOPA Act stalled in congress[/URL] in December, however there is another vote coming up next week and the protest and black outs are definitely getting attention now.

First, if you have not yet read the details about SOPA and PIPA and why they are being highly contested, [URL=""]TAKE A CLOSER LOOK[/URL]. That article shows specific examples of what could happen to censorship if the law is passed. Sure, the law is meant to stop online piracy, but it gives control to the government that can be interpreted into censoring websites, IP addresses and holding parties accountable for what others do on their servers regardless of knowledge about it. Here is another great explanation: [URL=""]What is SOPA and How Does it Work?
Here is one example of how it could [URL=""]Kill the Open Education Resource Movement[/URL] if the SOPA or PIPA laws were to pass.

Reddit was one of the first major sites to join the blackout on January 18th along with MoveOn and Mozilla as well as many others, yesterday [URL=""]Wikipedia[/URL] joined the Protest SOPA black out. Today [URL=""]Google announced they will be Protesting SOPA on their home page[/URL], and while they are not going dark, their support of the protest is huge and will help bring more awareness to the subject. WordPress is reportedly going black or supporting the protest in some way.

Twitter is among a handful of top tech firms, including Google, Facebook[URL=""][/URL] and Yahoo[URL=""][/URL], that sent a [URL=""]joint letter[/URL] to key members of the Senate last November to express their opposition to SOPA and PIPA.

[URL=""]Tim O'Reilly on Why He is Protesting SOPA[/URL].

[URL=""]Who Is Going Dark in Protest, And Why
Along with those sites, The Internet Marketing News will not be posted on Wednesday, if the Internet is censored, so would be the news that we report. Honest and unbiased reporting cannot be done in a world of censorship.

What can you do? Change your social media profile picture to [URL=""]join the SOPA protest[/URL].

[URL=""]How to blackout SOPA and PIPA without hurting your SEO[/URL].

Is it working?

[URL=""]Victory for SOPA Opponents; DNS Block Struck from Bill[/URL]

[URL=""]SOPA Supporters on the Run[/URL]

[URL=",b=facebook"]White House Will Not Support SOPA, PIPA
Other Great Reads to Keep Up on the Latest Controversy:

[URL=""]Does Piracy Cause Economic Harm?[/URL]

[URL=""]MSNBC Video SOPA Debate[/URL]

[URL=""]Rupert Murdoch squares off with Obama over online piracy legislation[/URL]

[URL=""]SOPA/PIPA Topic Thread on Mashable[/URL]

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