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[B]Editor’s Picks[/B][HR][/HR]
[LIST][*][B][URL=""]7 Social Media Predictions for 2012[/URL][/B]
YouTube in the living room, celebs investing in startups and mobile security threats are among the social media trends that will shape 2012.[*][B][URL=""]5 Best Practices for Digital Marketers in 2012[/URL][/B]
In 2012, the expanding digital industry is destined to affect marketing. Try our five resolutions for marketing success.[/LIST][HR][/HR][B]Social Media[/B][HR][/HR]
[LIST][*][B][URL=""]5 Fitness Brands Kicking Butt on Social Media[/URL][/B]
Trying to get fit in the new year? Check out these five fitness brands — they’re all over social media, and their inspiring content on social channels will make you want to break a sweat.[*][B][URL=""]Positive Facebook Updates Get More Likes, Negative Get More Comments [INFOGRAPHIC][/URL][/B]
While positive updates receive more likes, negative updates receive more comments.[*][B][URL=""]Have 2 Minutes? Check Out Who Has Access to Your Social Media Accounts[/URL][/B]
Israeli entrepreneur Avi Charkham compiled direct links to permissions pages for eight different social networks into[/LIST][HR][/HR][B]Business & Marketing[/B][HR][/HR]
[LIST][*][B][URL=""]How to Design an Ecommerce Site to Maximize Sales[/URL] [/B]When designing your ecommerce website, keep these three basic principles in mind to streamline your customer’s online shopping experience.[*][B][URL=""]What Does PayPal President Scott Thompson’s Departure Mean for eBay?[/URL][/B]
PayPal president Scott Thompson’s departure to Yahoo comes at a sensitive time for eBay.[*][B][URL=""]10 Easy Customer Engagement Ideas for Small Business[/URL][/B]
How can you create a customer experience that sets you apart from the competition and keeps customers coming back? We asked 10 entrepreneurs.[*][B][URL=""]6 Turnkey Tools for Content Distribution[/URL][/B]
These five solutions can help publishers build an audience with the push of a button.[*][B][URL=""]6 Tips For Building a High Quality Blog Following[/URL][/B]
It’s easy to get excited when the occasional “viral” post brings in a spike of traffic. But often that traffic melts away as quickly as it arrived.[*][B][URL=""]6 Steps for Protecting Corporate Reputation in the Social Media Age[/URL][/B]
While social media is great for marketing, it can also become a firestorm of angry customers. Here are some ways to protect your brand.[*][B][URL=""]What Job Seekers Need to Know in Today’s Digital Market[/URL][/B]
Think you have a pulse on what works in the digital job market? Check your strategy with these helpful tips.[/LIST][HR][/HR][B]Tech & Mobile[/B][HR][/HR]
[LIST][*][B][URL=""]10 Ways to Refresh Your Digital Life for the New Year[/URL][/B]
The New Year offers a fresh start. It’s a fantastic time to reset your goals, aims and ambitions. It’s also a great opportunity to refresh your digital life.[*][B][URL=""]Why Tablet Publishing Is Poised to Revolutionize Higher Education[/URL][/B]
Higher education can benefit enormously by rapidly adopting tablet devices and interactive digital publications.[*][B][URL=""]5 Things Yahoo’s New CEO Must Do Now[/URL][/B]
New Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson has his work cut out for him. Here are five things he can do to turn around the brand.[*][B][URL=""]10 Ways to Trade Your Old Electronics for Cash[/URL][/B]
Looking to make a buck for your old gadgets? Here are ten tech retailers that can help you out.[*][B][URL=""]14 Essential Stops to Make on Your Tour of CES 2012[/URL][/B]
CES 2012 is less than a week away, and we’ve got an interactive map full of hot tips for those planning to attend.[*][B][URL=""]How to Mitigate Risk During Software Development[/URL][/B]
These eight tips can help your company cover its legal bases when contracting a software developer, and vice versa.[*][B][URL=""]4 Innovative Solar Tech Projects From Around the World[/URL][/B]
Check out clever implementations of solar energy in the Netherlands, Finland, London and Serbia.[*][B][URL=""]Keep it Real: 8 Services to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick[/URL][/B]
Making resolutions is easy; keeping them is the hard part. These apps and websites can offer help — if you’re willing to pay the price.[*][B][URL=""]6 Apps That Block Online Distractions So You Can Get Work Done[/URL][/B]
Some software programs promise to make you more productive and happier by limiting your Internet use. Here are a handful of good options.[*][B][URL=""]4 Big Moves Google Should Make in 2012[/URL][/B]
Google had a big 2011, with CEO Larry Page leading the company with new focus. Here’s what 2012 may have in store for the Web’s No. 1 brand.[*][B][URL=""]Reddit’s Guide to Fitness Dishes Out Diet and Exercise Tips [INFOGRAPHIC][/URL][/B]
If you’ve made any New Year’s resolutions to get fit in 2012, this detailed infographic from health startup Greatist may come in handy.[*][B][URL=""]8 Simple Digital Tools for Scanning Documents[/URL][/B]
Small businesses and startups need quick, mobile solutions for scanning, storing, organizing and sharing important documents. We’ve found eight that do the job.[/LIST]For more digital resources, see [URL=""]Mashable[/URL].

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