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How To Get the Most Out of Google Analytics

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Google analytics is a powerful tool for reporting and tracking that is given to webmasters free of charge. Google has made some changes, improvements and advancements to the analytics product.

Here is an outline of some of the best ways to use Google Analytics' features:

[B]1. Acquisition:[/B] where are your visitors coming from?

[B]2. Engagement:[/B] How are visitors to your site using the site, where do they go and what do they do?
[LIST][*][B]Pages per Visit[/B]: This is the average number of pages a visitor views when coming to your website. The more engaging your site is, the more inclined visitors will be to continue clicking beyond the entry page.[*][B]Average Time on Site[/B]: This refers to the typical amount of time visitors spend on your site, despite whether they continue to stay on the page they came in on or navigate elsewhere within your domain.[*][B]Bounce Rate[/B]: This represents the percentage of single-page visits to your site. It gives you a sense of how many visitors left your site from the entrance page rather than clicking further into your site as compared to total visitors. Like Pages per Visit, Bounce Rate can help you determine the performance of your entry pages based on the actions visitors take (or don’t take) after they’ve arrived on your site.[/LIST]3. Outcome: What was the final outcome of a visit? You can set paths and goals up in analytics to help you identify how many of your users perform the "goals" you set up. Goals can be a sale, a sign up, a download or a number of different outcomes you choose and label.

[COLOR=#474747]Then you can choose one of four Goal types to track:[/COLOR]
[LIST][*][B]URL destination[/B]: This metric is best if your goal is to get visits to a key page of your site, such as your homepage or a post-purchase message page.[*][B]Time on Site[/B]: If you’re looking to measure engagement, this will track visitors spending a defined amount of time on your site.[*][B]Pages per Visit[/B]: Also important for engagement, Pages per Visit will keep tabs on a defined number of pages visitors view in a session on your site.[*][B]Events[/B]: Released in the most recent version of Google Analytics, Event Goals allow you to track specific actions visitors are taking on a page. This includes anything from downloading a PDF to watching a video.[/LIST]
For more details, see [URL=""]Mashable's article on Google Analytics[/URL].

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