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Twitter's Transformation

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Twitter has made some big changes to their platform with the intention of increasing accessibility and ease of use while keeping it simple at the same time. The changes on Twitter include: personal Twitter profile pages, a new timeline that includes rich media and other related information embedded into tweets, and easier search for information based on @ symbols (usernames) and hash tags.

Twitter founder and CEO announced the goals of these added additions: [COLOR=#000000]Their three goals:[/COLOR]
[LIST][*][B]Expose the "universe within every tweet.[/B][/LIST]
[LIST][*][B]Make Twitter less obscure to use. [/B][/LIST]
[LIST][*][B][URL=""]Share[/URL] it with everybody.[/B][/LIST][LEFT][COLOR=#000000]

Read more: [URL=""][COLOR=#003399][/COLOR]

[/URL][COLOR=#003399]A[/COLOR]lso see how Mashable believes that the [URL=""]new changes at Twitter are taking on Facebook.[/URL][/COLOR][/LEFT]

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