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Bing Becomes Hub of New XBox Experience

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Microsoft's XBox is expanding into an entertainment center with implications in search and advertising as we all take one step closer to the home entertainment system of the future. XBox now incorporates Bing's search as part of its voice recognition system to help users find tv shows, music, movies and games within their entertainment console.

From [URL=""]Mediapost[/URL]: "[COLOR=#000000]The Xbox LIVE landing page will present a series of hubs similar to those on the phone -- allowing consumers to pick and choose icons related to social, videos, games, music and applications. Gestures, voice, or controllers will allow the user to move through the platform to find and use content.[/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]Xbox users will no longer go to the Kinect hub or hold their hand over an arrow on the screen to move from one screen to the next. The cumbersome first version of the technology required time to identify and act on gestures. Microsoft had to make the change before [URL=""]integrating NUAds, natural user ads[/URL] into the platform for advertisers."

From SearhEngineLand: "Beginning on Tuesday, Xbox Live users who also have Kinect will be able to use their voice — and Bing’s search technology — to find different types of content that are available on their television, including movies from Netflix, TV shows on Hulu Plus, music from Zune, video games and more. See Microsoft's [URL=""]Press Release[/URL] or more from [URL=""]SearchEngineLand[/URL].

According to[URL=""] Internet Retailer[/URL], XBox Live will also now be streaming shows from Amazon.[/COLOR]

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