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SEMPO to Feds: "Hands off Google"

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[COLOR=#444444]The search trade association [URL=""]SEMPO[/URL] sent a letter to FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz asking for regulators to restrain their urge to regulate Google. In the letter SEMPO argues “Free-market innovation in the Search industry is a key element in ensuring that the Internet continues to serve humanity’s needs as our reservoir of vital information and empowerment. No one will be well served if this innovation dries up or is stifled by regulation.”[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#444444]The letter presents a range of arguments, some of which have previously also been made on this site, about the dangers of regulating the SERP. It’s an impassioned plea for a “hands off” or “free market” approach.

To see the letter and more on this issue, visit [URL=""]SearchEngineLand[/URL][/COLOR]

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