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[B]Editor’s Picks[/B][HR][/HR]
[LIST][*][B][URL=""]9 Incredible Tech-Themed Halloween Costumes[/URL][/B][COLOR=#474747]The year 2011 has never seen so many tech-inspired Halloween costumes. Homemade, assembled or bought, these costumes represent tech innovation and digital trends from the past and present.[/COLOR][*][B][URL=""]13 Free Halloween Fonts[/URL][/B][COLOR=#474747]We’ve found 13 fearsome fonts that will scare the spooks out of you![/COLOR][*][B][URL=""]10 Free Halloween Ecards [PICS][/URL][/B][COLOR=#474747]Celebrate your Halloween with these spooky Ecards[/COLOR][*][HR][/HR][B]Social Media[/B][HR][/HR]
[LIST][*][B][URL=""]What Google+ Brand Pages Could Look Like [PICS][/URL][/B][COLOR=#474747]Mashable asked some ad agencies to imagine what Google+ brand pages could look like. Here are some examples.[/COLOR][*][B][URL=""]Why Slacktivism Is Underrated[/URL][/B][COLOR=#474747]Slacktivists take easy, social actions in support of a cause. However, they may be far more valuable than some claim.[/COLOR][*][B][URL=""]8 Spooky Sets of Social Halloween Icons[/URL][/B][COLOR=#474747]We’ve found eight great collections of social media icons that will add some spook to your site.[/COLOR][*][B][URL=""]8 Amazing Social Media & Tech-Inspired Jack-o-Lanterns [PHOTOS][/URL][/B][COLOR=#474747]These social media and tech-inspired Jack-o-Lanterns were found to be the most inspired.[/COLOR][*][B][URL=""]Schmap Releases Tool to Break Down the Demographics of Your Twitter Followers[/URL][/B][COLOR=#474747]Know Your Twitter Followers is an automated freemium service that allows any individual, company or brand immediate access to acquire a demographic analysis of their Twitter followers.[/COLOR][*][B][URL=""]Is There Room for a Klout for Professionals?[/URL][/B][COLOR=#474747]Klout no longer has that market to itself — here comes PROSkore, a sort of Klout for professionals.[/COLOR][/LIST][HR][/HR][B]Tech & Mobile[/B][HR][/HR]
[LIST][*][B][URL=""]Siri, Seriously: 10 Ways We’re Really Using Apple’s Voice Assistant [POLL][/URL][/B][COLOR=#474747]How are you really using Siri in your everyday life? Let us know.[/COLOR][*][B][URL=""]Is Tech Too Damn Distracting?[/URL][/B][COLOR=#474747]I’m a bad person. I simply do not pay attention the way I used to, and it’s all because of technology, which constantly distracts me. How about you? Shall we blame technology?[/COLOR][*][B][URL=""]Top 12 Mashable Infographics[/URL][/B][COLOR=#474747]Because a picture is worth a thousand words.[/COLOR][*][B][URL=""]The Impact of the iPod[/URL][/B][COLOR=#474747]On the tenth anniversary of the iPod, we analyze the unprecedented influence of Apple’s portable digital music player.[/COLOR][*][B][URL=""]11 Apps and Services for Sharing, Discovering and Organizing Music[/URL][/B][COLOR=#474747]The digital music revolution might have started in the late 1990s, but in the last few years, the way we find, share and organize music has undergone major changes.[/COLOR][*][B][URL=""]Top 10 iPhone Apps for Halloween[/URL][/B][COLOR=#474747]These iPhone apps are a great way to get you into the Halloween spirit![/COLOR][/LIST][HR][/HR][B]Business & Marketing[/B][HR][/HR]
[LIST][*][B][URL=""]How to Provide Social Media Support to an Executive[/URL] [/B][COLOR=#474747]Some executives are very socially sophisticated, while others may require extra coaching. Learn how to help guide your execs’ social efforts.[/COLOR][*][B][URL=""]3 Innovative Ways Non-Profits Are Leveraging Blogs[/URL][/B][COLOR=#474747]Most non-profit websites have some blog components — posting updates, news, photos, videos, etc. — to keep their fans informed. We dug a little deeper and found unique ways non-profits are sharing content.[/COLOR][*][B][URL=""]3 Ways Content and Commerce Are Colliding In Online Retail[/URL][/B][COLOR=#474747]We’ve identified three sites that thoroughly integrate editorial content into an engaging and meaningful retail experience.[/COLOR][*][B][URL=""]5 Ways Netflix Can Stop the Bleeding[/URL][/B][COLOR=#474747]Some have called Netflix’s recent travails merely a blip in an otherwise successful run. Others think Netflix’s current decline (which has now lasted for months) is unstoppable. We at [I]Mashable[/I] have ideas for the company’s quick recovery.[/COLOR][*][B][URL=""]9 Sites That Measure Companies’ Social Responsibility[/URL][/B][COLOR=#474747]Want to find out if the company you’re buying from is socially responsible? Check out these apps and websites that will make your research easier.[/COLOR][*][B][URL=""]5 Ways Advertising Is Changing in a World of Non-Linear Media[/URL][/B][COLOR=#474747]Five key ways advertisers and brands are changing it up.[/COLOR][*][B][URL=""]Startup Success: How 7 Top Angel Investors Do Business[/URL][/B][COLOR=#474747]To help build your own investment strategy, first learn from the pros. We summarize the tactics of some of the most successful angel investors.[/COLOR][*][B][URL=""]Create & Publish a Web Page in Seconds with[/URL][/B][COLOR=#474747]What started as a fun weekend project back in February has literally become the quickest way to publish on the web. No joke.[/COLOR][*][B][URL=""]5 Foundations Supporting Social Good Entrepreneurship[/URL][/B][COLOR=#474747]We’ve highlighted five foundations on the web that are supporting social entrepreneurship and innovation.[/COLOR][*][B][URL=""]6 Pro Tips for Marketing to Digital Natives[/URL][/B][COLOR=#474747]Most 17 to 34-year-olds who came of age with the Internet don’t consume media and advertising the same way their parents did. If you want to reach them, you’ll need to note these key strategies.[/COLOR][*][B][URL=""]Why Hasn’t Yahoo Been Acquired Yet?[/URL][/B][COLOR=#474747]Despite the alleged intentions of its board, as well as rumored interest from Google and Microsoft, momentum for a potential acquisition of Yahoo has stalled.[/COLOR][*][B][URL=""]How Brands Can Maintain Loyalty Among Fickle Digital Consumers[/URL][/B][COLOR=#474747]Find out how technology both eroded and reestablished brand loyalty in today’s consumer marketplace.[/COLOR][*][B][URL=""]9 Ways Top Brands Use Social Media for Better Customer Service[/URL][/B][COLOR=#474747]There’s a lot to be learned from how the big brands handle their customers on social media channels. These 9 examples should be part of your customer service playbook.[/COLOR][/LIST][/LIST]

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