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Blackberry RIM Outage in the News

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Will Blackberry be able to recover from the world wide outage caused by the RIM network.

[B]([URL=""]CNN[/URL])[/B] -- Millions of BlackBerry users remained without service on Wednesday as a three-day network outage spread to North America, causing massive frustrations for people who rely on these smartphones for business and personal communications.

Blackberry's CEO apologizes from [URL=""] See ABC News for video.[/URL]

Service has been returned, but many are wondering if Blackberry can survive this problem, and the outrage from it's customers world wide, many of whom are likely to migrate to iPhone or other smart phone devices.

For more see: [URL=""]Blackberry's Outage Post Mortem: Where Did it All Go Wrong?

a [/URL]nd An article from Tech Crunch highlighting how much Blackberry, RIM and service companies will have to [URL=""]pay back to Blackberry customers[/URL].

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