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10 SEO Myths Dispelled

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Always remember, you can't believe everything you read on the internet! Here are 10 myths about SEO that you should NOT follow.

1. [Insert Fortune 500 Company] does it that way, so it must be right.

2. Onsite SEO doesnít matter.

]3. Paid links are bad [I]or [/I]buying links can get you banned in Google.

4. Keyword density doesnít matter.

5. Look what I did in [insert non-current year here].

6. Matt Cutts [or insert Expert Name or Blog here] said it [insert year here] so it must still be true.

7. Content is king.

8. Stop paying for keywords that you rank for organically.

9. Meta tags have a huge impact.

10. You canít hurt a site with bad links
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