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Tips for Dealing with Upset Facebook Fans

Rate this Entry published some great advice on how to respond to upset Facebook fans. Here are the Facebook tips:

[B]#1: Respond no matter what[/B]
Itís vitally important that the complaints and issues your fans pose on your wall are addressed.

[B] #2: Be patient and understanding[/B]
In dealing with upset fans, you must remember that you are closer to your industry, products and services than they are. What may seem like basic, common knowledge to you is often foreign to the end user.

Whether or not the fault lies on your end, a simple apology will go a long way in keeping the customerís business.

[B]#3: Contact the Customer Privately[/B]
Sending a private message or email to the customer opens up more options for you to address his or her complaints.

[B]#4: Consider asking the fan to remove the post[/B]
Say youíve discussed the issue privately, any problems have been straightened out, and the faultfinder is, once again, your happy customer.

[B]#5: Respond back to the original post[/B]
As a general rule, you, the Facebook page admin, should not remove negative posts. Not everyone is going to have a glowing review of your product or company.

[B]#6: Let your community respond[/B]
Letting your community respond for you is really the end result of all the earlier steps. It requires copious time, energy and patience with your fans, and a fantastic product.

[B]#7: The Last Resort[/B]
If the offended party is unreceptive to your customer service attempts, blatantly hostile and only active in your community to start arguments, banning the individual is a last-resort option.

For all the details on the tips and specific examples of customer service answers to Facebook negative posts, see [URL=""][/URL]

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