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The Best Digital Marketing Tools

Digital Marketing Tools

For a company to be visible in today’s society it must make use of digital marketing. However, making your company successful in this field is no easy task and requires much testing and research. In this article, I will introduce you to the best digital marketing tools.

The most important part of digital marketing is to find a good strategy and the best tools.

Digital marketing tools are necessary for any digital marketing strategy. You need tools that fulfill different tasks such as automate actions, optimize dissemination flows and centralize different activities, among many other things.

Some of those tools have free versions that have some limitations. For most of the best tools, you need to get a paid version, for making your campaign more effective.

Currently, there is an infinite number of tools that you can use, that can help you depending on your needs. In this article we are going to discuss some of the best digital marketing tools.

#1 Google Analytics – the best digital marketing tool

Google Analytics Logo

Knowing what happens every day on your website is necessary to know and analyze. Google Analytics allows you to do it for free.

This amazing tool is perfect for small businesses that do not have enough resources for expensive marketing tools.

Google Analytics allows you to monitor the actions taken by visitors and get overall statistics about visitors on your page – their language, location, source of traffic, etc. It also gives you statistics about bounce rates and users’ active time on different pages. Those statistics are important to know and you should react according to those.

With all data that Google Analytics offers you. you have the opportunity to improve your marketing strategy and structure of your website to offer a better service to your visitors.

#2 HubSpot – the best inbound marketing tool

Hubspot Logo

Hubspot is one of the most popular automated tools and undoubtedly the most complete at the time of inbound marketing tools. This tool gives you information about many details and lets you improve those all.

HubSpot gives you detailed knowledge of your strategy based on inbound marketing. It also gives you details about all the users who visit your website.

HubSpot features:

  • allows the qualification of leads and an adaptation of workflows.
  • automated data analysis
  • email marketing
  • SEO recommendations and statistics
  • …and many more

#3 Hootsuite – the best digital marketing tool for social media

Hootsuite Logo

Hootsuite is a tool to simultaneously manage a large number of social networks from a single control panel. Hootsuite allows you to schedule publications for different accounts. So you can create for example 10 posts and publish those posts daily without any extra work.

With the data it offers, it´s perfect for keeping track of your social networks and improving your social network marketing strategy. Hootsuite is a wonderful software that has a limited free version. If you want to take advantage of this software it is better to get the premium version.

Don´t wait any longer and take advantage of the best digital marketing tools! But before you do, you need a website. Make sure to read our other articles: How to Build Your First Website and The Best Website Builder.