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How Would The Perfect Ad Tool Look Like?

Online ads

For the last decade, advertising has been the holy grail for digital marketers. It still sounds insane how you can multiply your income with the right campaign and right advertising tools.

You may have heard of it before. An optimized campaign makes it possible to put one dollar in and get three dollars back. Proportions may change, but Scale is the core idea of paid ads.

If you have been in business for years, you are aware of how marketing has changed. Today, anybody can make an ad, even a kid, especially with the tools available.

Unluckily, ads, in general, don’t work as they used to. If everybody is bidding on the best keyword with a high budget, how can you get through?

Best Internet Advertising Tools

Ironically, people don’t know that much about advertising tools. Once you get the right strategy, you’ll be able to get the attention and clients you deserve.

Apart from the good old Google, Facebook Ads are the most profitable campaign in 2020. Even though prices have increased, you can still reach thousands of people for a few cents.

As I said, the strategy is critical. It’s easier to throw money and lose it than optimizing a campaign, so it’s good to research cautiously.

Facebook Ad Tool

Facebook Insights is the place to start. You’ll be amazed at the results you can get when showing the right info to the right people.

Its interface is user-friendly and shows all you need to find your ideal client.

The basic settings include age, sex, and demographics. The best way to target is section Interests & Behaviors. Imagine if you built an ad with any of these factors:

  • The client is a woman between 20 and 37 years old living in Ohio.
  • The client has liked an X page or visited X place.
  • The client has bought online in the last three weeks.
  • The client is on a Facebook Group of X category.

It’s the main reason why you see Facebook Ad courses everywhere. Advertising tools have never been simpler.

Facebook’s new competitor

Instagram Ads is a rising star in marketing. Among reasons such as low competition, the tool proves excellent conversions and CTRs.

Instagram Ad Tool

Here are some facts that make it so powerful for marketers:

  • The Instagram add tool is a new thing, and people have just starting to be aware. Although It won’t last for long, it is currently an amazing ad opportunity.
  • Because Instagram is a visual platform, users are more likely to respond well to your ad designs. The engagement rates are 50 higher than Facebook’s, which is great for call-to-actions.
  • You can use the high engagement of Instagram to send people to your other platforms, including Youtube, Facebook, and your website.

What you should know before doing advertising

Facebook and Instagram have enough potential to scale and grow your brand. To sum up, here are some principles to create campaigns the right way.

  • Ads are for scaling purposes only!

Don’t fall in the trap of thinking that traffic always brings clients. Ads are tools to multiply a system that is already working. Ensure your business works well without ads before thinking of your next campaign.

  • Long-term value matters.

Compare today’s ads with ten years ago. Prices have never been higher. Plus, there are competitors with deep pockets.


What do you do?

Track how much money do your clients spend with you after X months. If you spend less than that on ads, you will outbid most competitors AND get those clients.

Be the best choice. Long-term clients don’t buy because they saw an ad on Facebook, but because they believed in the brand. If you have an amazing offer and a great ad campaign, you will always end up winning.