Best SEO Tools You Can Use In 2020

SEO tools

Do you want to get more traffic? What about increasing sales? Are you creating an online brand?

For years, SEO experts have studied how to achieve all those goals. Keywords, backlinks, rank, and content tracking used to take a lot of work and money.

But what if you could build your SEO strategy within minutes?

That’s right. There are tools that you can use to do tasks ten times faster. Even better, most of them are free.

Although we don’t recommend to go for the cheapest option, you can do SEO with zero money. The best ones use to have a free trial, which is enough to pay off themselves before you pay a dime.

These tools will show you the right data to get more traffic. As a result, you will get organic visits to your website. Each software has its differences, so make sure to know them for better results.

Here, I give you the best SEO tools you can use today.

#1 SemRush – the best SEO tool to use

From keyword research to backlinks, Semrush is known for its quality. No matter what feature you use, the tool will show detailed information AND suggest to you what to do.

Perhaps the best part is that you can do it as a complete beginner. Simply visit the Semrush blog, and you will work like a pro after a quick read.

SEO Tool Semrush Logo

There is a free trial, but the basic package starts at ~$100 per month. Because SEO is a long term marketing strategy, you will probably use it for months. If you think of the annual plan, you can save $16 every month.

Due to the popularity of Semrush, it’s easy to find promo codes on other channels. It won’t take long to find them if you look around Google and Youtube.

#2 Ahrefs – the best SEO tools for researching competitors

SEOs use to say that competition is a good thing. When ranked websites use certain keywords, it helps us to know which terms work better.

Ahrefs is one of the best SEO tools you can find in the market today. If you ever wanted to study your competitors, Ahrefs is the right choice. You can see how they rank, how it compares to your website, and an SEO graph to learn about their progress.

SEO tool Ahrefs Logo

With Ahrefs, you’ll know what strategies others use. As a result, you will adapt faster and think ten steps ahead of the competition.

The pricing barely has any difference with Semrush. Now, Ahrefs is a fantastic tool for professionals with working websites. If you have just started a website, it can be pricey to pay $99 per month.

Luckily, there is a seven-day trial for $7. If you want to go all-in with your business, definitely check the annual plan. You get Ahrefs for two months, for free, then it’s $82 per month.

#3 KWFinder – SEO tool for finding keywords

Imagine the traffic increases if you could find terms with high volume and low competition. That’s what KWFinder does.

This SEO tool includes a filter to find the best keywords for your niche. Here you have an all-in-one software with a user-friendly interface.

Kwfinder Logo

You will be surprised to know its price compared to Semrush and Ahrefs. For half of the price, you get everything a beginner could ever need for SEO. The annual price goes down to $30.

Although the Basic plan has its limits, Premium and Agency offer an even better price-value relation. If you want to take some massive action, you can try any of these for free for ten days.

Closing Thoughts

What does the perfect tool look like? It depends on your vision of the website. With long-term projects, Semrush and Ahrefs will be the right choice. If you are testing ideas and just starting, we recommend KWFinder.

Aside from your preference, there isn’t any detail to define which one is better. SEO seems to depend on your skills and strategies after all.

If you don’t have a website to use SEO on yet, check out my articles about website building: How To Build Your First Website and The Best Website Builder.

Advertising tools

How Would The Perfect Ad Tool Look Like?

Online ads

For the last decade, advertising has been the holy grail for digital marketers. It still sounds insane how you can multiply your income with the right campaign and right advertising tools.

You may have heard of it before. An optimized campaign makes it possible to put one dollar in and get three dollars back. Proportions may change, but Scale is the core idea of paid ads.

If you have been in business for years, you are aware of how marketing has changed. Today, anybody can make an ad, even a kid, especially with the tools available.

Unluckily, ads, in general, don’t work as they used to. If everybody is bidding on the best keyword with a high budget, how can you get through?

Best Internet Advertising Tools

Ironically, people don’t know that much about advertising tools. Once you get the right strategy, you’ll be able to get the attention and clients you deserve.

Apart from the good old Google, Facebook Ads are the most profitable campaign in 2020. Even though prices have increased, you can still reach thousands of people for a few cents.

As I said, the strategy is critical. It’s easier to throw money and lose it than optimizing a campaign, so it’s good to research cautiously.

Facebook Ad Tool

Facebook Insights is the place to start. You’ll be amazed at the results you can get when showing the right info to the right people.

Its interface is user-friendly and shows all you need to find your ideal client.

The basic settings include age, sex, and demographics. The best way to target is section Interests & Behaviors. Imagine if you built an ad with any of these factors:

  • The client is a woman between 20 and 37 years old living in Ohio.
  • The client has liked an X page or visited X place.
  • The client has bought online in the last three weeks.
  • The client is on a Facebook Group of X category.

It’s the main reason why you see Facebook Ad courses everywhere. Advertising tools have never been simpler.

Facebook’s new competitor

Instagram Ads is a rising star in marketing. Among reasons such as low competition, the tool proves excellent conversions and CTRs.

Instagram Ad Tool

Here are some facts that make it so powerful for marketers:

  • The Instagram add tool is a new thing, and people have just starting to be aware. Although It won’t last for long, it is currently an amazing ad opportunity.
  • Because Instagram is a visual platform, users are more likely to respond well to your ad designs. The engagement rates are 50 higher than Facebook’s, which is great for call-to-actions.
  • You can use the high engagement of Instagram to send people to your other platforms, including Youtube, Facebook, and your website.

What you should know before doing advertising

Facebook and Instagram have enough potential to scale and grow your brand. To sum up, here are some principles to create campaigns the right way.

  • Ads are for scaling purposes only!

Don’t fall in the trap of thinking that traffic always brings clients. Ads are tools to multiply a system that is already working. Ensure your business works well without ads before thinking of your next campaign.

  • Long-term value matters.

Compare today’s ads with ten years ago. Prices have never been higher. Plus, there are competitors with deep pockets.


What do you do?

Track how much money do your clients spend with you after X months. If you spend less than that on ads, you will outbid most competitors AND get those clients.

Be the best choice. Long-term clients don’t buy because they saw an ad on Facebook, but because they believed in the brand. If you have an amazing offer and a great ad campaign, you will always end up winning.


What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization

Marketers have broadly used SEO tactics for years. Analyze traffic, find keywords, and optimize your content. How vital is search engine optimization for your business?

The way you do SEO with your content changes everything. Do you need more traffic? How about higher conversions? What can you expect from search engine optimization?

What is SEO?

Although SEO is not enough to make it in business, you cannot improve your online presence without it. Marketers who understand how it works will always get most of the traffic and attention.

Then, what is SEO?

Despite the technical definitions, SEO looks to answer one simple question. Why should people give you attention when having so many options available?

Google SEO

SEO assumes that your audience uses a search engine. Aside from Google, these include Yahoo, Youtube, and social media platforms.

Yes, media apps also count.

Every search engine you know uses an algorithm to define what content is more appropriate for a keyword.

The goal of SEO is to show your content as the most relevant for as many keywords as possible.

How does SEO work?

Don’t think all tactics work the same way. It depends on the reaction you want to produce on the visitor.

If you are trying to increase brand awareness, your keywords must be relevant for the user.

The mission of Google is to organize data so their users can find the information they need. This algorithm rewards you whenever a visitor shows interest in your website.

SEO made simple

In broad terms, you will find two keyword types in SEO based on accuracy.

Think of the last time you searched on Google. How do you ensure that you get the most exact answer to your question? You enter more details in the search bar.

The longer the keyword is, the easier it is to find the right data. However, they are so specific that Google will filter much more results. The volume reduces in inverse proportion to the keyword length.


Also known as Long-tail keywords, these results create social engagement, even if their traffic is lower.

Broad keywords, of course, are far more popular and searched.

Imagine you wanted to grow your website. Which keywords should you use?

The Inter-linking Strategy

Unluckily, SEO is not as simple as including X keywords in an article. If the search volume shows the relevance of the keyword, competition exposes the difficulty. Here is what to do in each case.

  • to use, but you won’t find them without a keyword tool.
  • If low searches are bad, high competition makes it worse. Avoid these at all costs.
  • These are long-tail keywords that will engage your visitors. Use them to get your first visits.
  • These keywords are our target. However, we cannot rank them organically.

The interlinking strategy is about linking your broad keywords from your long-tail results. That will ensure that you gradually rank for the best terms.

Remember that competition is always a good thing. It shows what terms you should pay closer attention, and will grow your business if you do.

Before worrying about SEO, you need a website. Read my tutorial on how to build your first website to get started.

Social media marketing

Introduction To Social Media Marketing

Social Media Icons

What is social media marketing? What opportunities does it bring to you, and why does it matter?

Think of all the marketing strategies out there. There are ad campaigns, options, SEO, social media, and email. Each of these uses a different approach to get clients.

But there is something unique about social media. These apps are growing faster than the Internet itself. One out of five people uses social media multiple times a day.

And the no-brainer? It’s free. You only need time and effort to grow your influence, not even mentioning the free-advertising you will get. For marketers, social media presents the best opportunity to build a brand long-term.

Introduction to social media marketing

Social media is about sharing ideas that matter. It is content creation focused on engagement and adapted to each platform. The result of it is a virtual community around your brand, growing your traffic.

The power of social media marketing is communities. In other words, your followers come back again and again and encourage others to listen to your message.


The advantages are unfair. Brands with large followings have an existing audience whenever they start a project.

Imagine if you had thousands of people waiting to hear from you. How much could you grow if you spent zero money on ads? Exactly.

Although it may be slow at first, social media marketing is the best choice you can make for your brand. Let’s see how you can get started before it’s too late.

How does social media work?

Each platform has its own rules. The format you use will depend on the social media app. Here is some direct advice to get started:

  • Creators underestimate how much patience it takes to grow exponentially. Don’t split your focus into many platforms. Once you master one, you can expand by one app at a time.
  • Do you know about those who upload the same content on each platform? Don’t be that person. Although it may sound basic, each app works like a language. You need to use the right format so that you get people’s attention.
  • Do you do Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, or Youtube? Once you know the formats, try and find which one communicates better. If you don’t know, just pick Facebook. You can’t go wrong with the mother of all media platforms.

The best advice for business owners

You open social media and see all these people with millions of followers. How do they do it?

Mobile Social Media

Although each app has algorithms to be aware of, the secret is documenting.

Imagine if you give your followers updates every day in a video. Whenever you get a new visitor, they can see how far you’ve come. Assuming that your product is fantastic, documenting will guarantee your trust.

Gary Vee is the best example of this. Increase your upload frequency and take some time to read people’s thoughts on your work. You will find more insights about your audience than any software can show you.

Online marketing

The Best Digital Marketing Tools

Digital Marketing Tools

For a company to be visible in today’s society it must make use of digital marketing. However, making your company successful in this field is no easy task and requires much testing and research. In this article, I will introduce you to the best digital marketing tools.

The most important part of digital marketing is to find a good strategy and the best tools.

Digital marketing tools are necessary for any digital marketing strategy. You need tools that fulfill different tasks such as automate actions, optimize dissemination flows and centralize different activities, among many other things.

Some of those tools have free versions that have some limitations. For most of the best tools, you need to get a paid version, for making your campaign more effective.

Currently, there is an infinite number of tools that you can use, that can help you depending on your needs. In this article we are going to discuss some of the best digital marketing tools.

#1 Google Analytics – the best digital marketing tool

Google Analytics Logo

Knowing what happens every day on your website is necessary to know and analyze. Google Analytics allows you to do it for free.

This amazing tool is perfect for small businesses that do not have enough resources for expensive marketing tools.

Google Analytics allows you to monitor the actions taken by visitors and get overall statistics about visitors on your page – their language, location, source of traffic, etc. It also gives you statistics about bounce rates and users’ active time on different pages. Those statistics are important to know and you should react according to those.

With all data that Google Analytics offers you. you have the opportunity to improve your marketing strategy and structure of your website to offer a better service to your visitors.

#2 HubSpot – the best inbound marketing tool

Hubspot Logo

Hubspot is one of the most popular automated tools and undoubtedly the most complete at the time of inbound marketing tools. This tool gives you information about many details and lets you improve those all.

HubSpot gives you detailed knowledge of your strategy based on inbound marketing. It also gives you details about all the users who visit your website.

HubSpot features:

  • allows the qualification of leads and an adaptation of workflows.
  • automated data analysis
  • email marketing
  • SEO recommendations and statistics
  • …and many more

#3 Hootsuite – the best digital marketing tool for social media

Hootsuite Logo

Hootsuite is a tool to simultaneously manage a large number of social networks from a single control panel. Hootsuite allows you to schedule publications for different accounts. So you can create for example 10 posts and publish those posts daily without any extra work.

With the data it offers, it´s perfect for keeping track of your social networks and improving your social network marketing strategy. Hootsuite is a wonderful software that has a limited free version. If you want to take advantage of this software it is better to get the premium version.

Don´t wait any longer and take advantage of the best digital marketing tools! But before you do, you need a website. Make sure to read our other articles: How to Build Your First Website and The Best Website Builder.


How To Build Your First Website

Build a Website

If for a long time you have dreamed of building your first website you should know that this is the best time to do it. There are many free or very low-cost tools that allow you to build a website quickly and easily and make your dream come true.

How to build your first website with guaranteed success

First of all, your website must be about a subject that you are truly passionate about. It can be about fitness, cooking, pets, bitcoin, etc. The options are endless and all are valid.


You must commit to the chosen theme. When the time passes the users will thank you and you have already earned a lot of money.

If you don’t want to risk money at first, you should know that there are website builders that have free plans available for you, like Wix or Weebly. There are many options available and you should try some of those out before making a decision. Bigger ones like, Wix and Weebly are pretty safe choices to go with.

Creating a relationship with your audience

If possible, the name of your website should be short and easy for anyone to remember.

An important aspect is that you must know for whom your website is addressed. Try to know everything about your potential audience, their desires, their tastes, their customs, etc. This will facilitate the link that you will have with them.

Relationship with Customers

The more you know your audience, the more successful your website will be.

People are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube every day of their lives, so it is essential that your website is too. This will make your relationship with your audience more fluid.

Build a website, that is beautiful and functional

One of the first things when starting a website creation is choosing a theme and also predominant colors. While colors are quite easy to change in the future, the theme might not be, so don’t just take the first one you like.

You should examine the capabilities of different themes before making a final decision. Besides beautiful looks, you should also keep in mind that your website must have good functionality for your audience.

For most website builders you can add some functionality with plugins. Plugins are small add-ons that are installed on a website to have extra functionality for users.

There is no point to build a website without relevant content

The content of your website should be about a specific subject, attractive, original and easy to understand for anyone.

You should remember, that we all have 24 hours a day of which we spend roughly 1/3 to sleep and 1/3 to work, not to mention other activities and hobbies. It means that we don’t have much spare time for your website, that’s why you should keep your content short, simple and fun to read.

If you ignore those principles your audience will leave and never come back.

Generating a traffic for your first website

Traffic is achieved in several ways. One of the best strategies is to use keywords that generate a lot of interest on the Internet.

Social networks are another important source of traffic for a site, as they have millions of users around the globe.

There is also paid traffic, in that case, you must pay a search engine to position your website competitively on the Internet.

The most important thing is how can you keep your traffic and convert it into money. There is usually no point to build a website without making money with it.

Converting it all into money


There are several good ideas to make money with a website. Selling advertising space for products related to the content of the site will give you a fixed monthly income.

You can also connect your site with Google Adsense, where you will charge money for each ad that appears on your site, according to the number of visitors it has.

Another option is to register your website to an affiliate program, where you will charge a commission for each affiliate that registers in the company that is advertising.


I hope this article gave you a slight overview of the aspects to consider before creating your first website. It honestly is not that hard, just check out different website builders, like Wix, Weebly or Squarespace and you are good to go.

To find out which is the best website builder read my other article: The Best Website Builder.


The Best Website Builder

How To Create a Website?

There are many ways to boost your business online and many tools we can use to make it grow in digital marketing. Probably the most important one is your own website.

Creating a website

In today’s world, there are two main ways to create a website:

  • By writing lines and lines of HTML 5 code, designing it with CSS3 and making elements move with Javascript.
  • By using website builders

Website builders are by far the fastest and easiest way to create blogs, online stores, business websites and much more, without having to be a programmer and having to spend days of writing code.

Website builders

There is a wide variety of website builders, like Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace. All of those focus on one specific goal – being the easiest to use. Other important aspects for website builders are being the fastest, beautiful and professional-looking, etc.

Website Builder

But which one of those website builders comes on top as the best overall website builder?

The best website builder

The best website builder focuses on all the aspects at the same time. The best website builder in the market today is Wix – the easiest to use, great-looking and fast tool for creating a website.

Wix is a website builder software from Israel with many incredible features. Wix has been around for a while now, becoming the most popular choice in the market with more than 125 million customers in about 200 different countries.

Wix has more than 500 amazing free templates for different industries. All you have to do is choose the one you like the most and customize it to your needs.

Simplicity is the key with Wix

Wix makes the designing process so easy and fun that even a child could create a website in just a few days. It has an easy to use drag-and-drop editor (Pixel-Perfect), where you can move items to where you want and modify them to your liking. If you do a good job you can give a professional look to your website. Wix is perfect for small businesses, photographers, internet shops, blogs, restaurants, hotels and more.

Wix Templates
Wix templates

Wix allows you to manage your online business in a way that no other website builder does. Wix has a smartphone app so you can even manage your website on your mobile device.

Wix tools

Another feature that Wix has is its app market where you can find hundreds of free applications that will give your website fantastic features and will make your website more attractive. You can find everything from the forum to events calendar from the Wix app store.

Wix also has an artificial intelligence system for finding the perfect template for you. This tool is called Wix ADI (Intelligent Artificial Design). Wix ADI collects information about your tastes, preferences, styles and suggests 3 website designs for you. Just choose the one you like and start editing.

Wix plans

Wix also has affordable plans for different types of websites:

  • All-in-one plans – allow you to have more space on the server, a domain, applications, templates, and ad-free experience
  • Completely free plan – has some limitations and Wix ads on your website
Wix Plans
Wix plans

If you are not satisfied with the service you can ask for a refund, all Wix’s plans come with a 14-days money-back guarantee and can cancel your plan at no cost.

Disadvantages of Wix

The only disadvantage of this wonderful website creation software is customer service. They are working on improving it at the moment other providers are by far better at customer service. If customer service is important to you I suggest using Squarespace.


Wix is a website creator that is fighting for its place as the number one in the market, always looking for ways to innovate and improve its builder and make the creation of websites more comfortable and simple for their costumers.

Don´t wait any longer and create your website easily right now with Wix.

Also, make sure to read my article about how to build your first website!