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    What Do You Think About This Retail Controversy

    I am wondering what you all think of this story on AOL that is getting a lot of controversy. The story (which AOL has run more than once despite retailer outrage) is about camera shopping and one of the tips they mention is "Try In Store, Buy Online". The author suggests to go into retail stores, try out the cameras to see which one they like best and then go online to find the best price. I am an online retailer, but my roots are in the family store and I see both aspects of this. The author isn't suggesting anything that hasn't been done before or hasn't ever been thought of, but publishing it (multiple times) is really a slap in the face to retail stores during already very trying times for business. What do you think?
    Shari McConahay

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    I agree, it's not like anyone is unaware that they can try a product out in a physical store and then comparison shop online to get the best price. However, it does seem silly to run any story more than once, especially something controversial and especially right before one of the biggest shopping holidays of the year.


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