Facebook has the answer. Your content needs to be valuable and exclusive. One way to make this happen is to answer a current problem affecting a large majority of your online community. If your content is helping your followers it is becoming valuable. At the same time your followers’ content is becoming valuable to you. With the ease of social media, freedom of speech ignites! Your audience will use your online space as a portal to air out opinions, ask questions, and give answers. This keeps your content relevant. It highlights your audience’s needs and wants.

Customer service is implemented in companies to insure the customer a lovely experience before, during and after purchasing. If the customer has a problem, you have a problem. If the customer is happy, you are happy. Your social media platforms are a perfect source for customer service. A clients post is not just a response or question for customer service but a form of advertisement. Say Betty Boop posted “I loved this product. You guys are the best”, onto your Facebook wall. Unlike phone lines, e-mails, or mailing services – where only the sender and receiver shares information, on social media platforms a whole online community will be connected reading Betty’s post.

Facebook is familiar. Facebook has become the “go-to” place to grab fast information. If a person is looking for a phone number, address, directions, or map, the Facebook page is where they will go. Typing a name into Google and searching for the correct website takes time. Plus, many people have a hard time navigating through websites they are unfamiliar with. Since facebook is familiar to the user, they have an easier time navigating through your page knowing exactly where the information they need will be listed.

Facebook is fast. “Why can’t I find their event calendar? This is taken forever! Oh wait, lets check out their facebook.” Facebook is for the current, the now! Whatever day it is, that is the content you are promoting right there on your wall for everyone to know and see that this is happening now! You’re having a huge weekend event. Post all Friday long where not only will you be advertising your event but being able to see what people are saying, answer their questions, make changes, help one another out.

Print, radio, commercial – all on your facebook. Take your billboard image and post it to your page. Record your radio snippet and upload to your page. Take your commercial from YouTube and post it on your page. The facebook platform is a media haven. A FREE media haven. “A company can’t make money with social media” is getting old.

It’s like saying “ a company can’t make money with a billboard.” Then why do you still do it? A person is driving on the road and they spot your billboard and then become a customer, same with facebook. A person is surfing the mini feed and they spot your most recent post on your brand new product. Now, guess who is your newest customer? It works the same way as radio and commercials, but it’s too new for the older generation to see. Can a person leave their thoughts on a billboard? No! Can they on facebook? Yes! Building relationships with your customers and clients is number one to any company. Social media is the forefront to making this happen.