Just to exemplify how important WordPress.com has become, I wasn't sure whether to categorize this post under "Blogs" or "Websites"! Although WordPress.com started as a blogger platform, it has transformed and
now powers 15% of all websites on the Internet, an increase of 6% since last year. Twenty-two percent of all new website registrations are WordPress installs, Automattic CEO Toni Schneider announced.
With WordPress's new found power, they have decided to allow site owners to add ads to their WordPress pages.
Federated Media CEO Deanna Brown called it “relevance at scale,” because advertisers will be able to target across thousands (or potentially millions) of WordPress-powered websites. “We’re bringing contextual advertising to highly desirable audiences,” Brown said on stage.
What do you think about ads coming to a WordPress site near you? I'm interested to hear viewpoints from site owners and visitors alike.