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    What Is Google Wallet?

    Below is a video highlighting one of Google’s latest projects: Google Wallet

    What are your initial thoughts?

    For me…

    • One word: security - although it is locked with a PIN, the idea is so new I would have to understand its security features
    • What are the benefits to the businesses that are investing (additional expense) into the technology?
    • Will this motivate people to spend more because of its ease of use?

    Learn more:

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    Cool! This seems like it would be good for people who don't want to carry around their wallet (I can't tell you how often I tuck my debit card into my phone) and those who don't have cash on hand for vending machines. Reminds me of the swipe-free readers some gas stations have but on a much bigger scale.

    Of course, security is the main issue here. What happens if someone steals your phone? Would they be able to make purchases using your card, or be able to access your credit card number? A PIN would offer some assurance, but that also cuts down on the "speedy" aspect that makes Google Wallet so appealing.

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