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    Why Your Website is Losing Sales

    Why is it that you have visitors to your site, but no conversions? Here are the Top 10 Reasons your Website is Losing Sales:

    1. Pricing
    2. Product Descriptions
    3. Stock Information
    4. Site Functionality
    5. Shipping Information
    6. Images
    7. Discounts
    8. Navigation
    9. Video
    10. Website Speed

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    I think a part of it is the quality of content as well. Without captivating content from the beginning, I probably will not even stick around long enough to convert.

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    Why Your Website is Losing

    Ive never used the support website before, but i think the login info should be your loginToYourALAccount info...
    Делаю сайты тут...

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    I think my site losing sales is because Website Speed , i will try overcome .


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