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    Watch to Learn More about Google Chromebooks for Education

    Want to learn more about Google Chromebooks for schools? The below video provides a high-level overview.

    Features include:

    Boots up in just 8 seconds
    Even after entering sleep mode it resumes working immediately
    Battery lasts up to 8 hours
    Built in Wi-Fi and optional 3G
    Web-based management
    Automatic updates
    Built-in security

    One of the neatest features is that after 3 years of extended warranty and support, schools receive a brand new set of Chromebooks including service and support and the schools also keep the original computers.

    Learn more:

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    This is such a great idea. In all of the schools I've been in, the computers are so messed up and such a pain in the butt to use that teachers are discouraged from using them in the classroom. This seems like a no-mess, no-fuss solution that would help engage students and incorporate technology in the classroom. Thanks for sharing, Erika!

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